What do my dreams mean?

Falling into the abyss, losing your teeth or appear naked in public are very common nightmares

Dreams have always aroused curiosity and fascination in the human being. There are numerous interpretations and studies that scientists have developed throughout history to discover the meaning of the most common dreams.

Why do we dream? What does it mean to dream about death? And with flying? Discover below what these and other habitual dreams mean:

Dream with death

One of the most recurrent dreams is to dream of death. Have you ever dreamed that someone close to you dies? Express your wishes that this person is alive and not be separated from you. If, on the contrary, you die in the dream, you are yourself, you are maturing and you are facing a new stage in your life.

To dream that you fall or stumble

Have you awakened because you feel that you have stumbled or fallen into the void? Most people claim to have dreamed of falling. In fact, many people dream about it every day. Reveal that you suffer a moment of insecurity, anguish and frustration. It may also mean that there is something in your life that you should let go of, for example, a relationship.

Dream with flying

It can have a positive or negative meaning. On many occasions, dreaming about flying becomes a pleasant situation, of freedom and escape from problems. However, it can also become a bad dream that reveals a stage of control in your life that prevents you from being happy.

To dream about being persecuted

To dream that they persecute you can mean that there is in your life some situation or feeling that you wish to escape. It may also reveal that you feel remorse or guilt over some recent conflict.

Dreaming of a heist

This dream reveals that you are in a conflictive moment, anxious or with bad omens about your future. In addition, this dream causes frustration and impotence.

Dream of losing teeth

Although it seems strange, dreaming about losing your teeth or hair is one of the most common dreams. It may reflect a loss of authority, self-assurance or loss of vital energy.

Dreaming about appearing naked in public

The clothes constitute a mask towards the outside, in addition it gives us security. Appearing naked in dreams, especially if it is the pubic, reflects vulnerability or fear of something new in our life.

Dreaming of driving a vehicle out of control

This dream means that in your life you are struggling for something and you are afraid of not getting it. Relax, try to keep things in check and fight to get everything you set out for.

Dreaming of being late

The meaning of this dream may indicate that you feel stressed by your daily responsibilities or occupations and you do not know how to face them.

To dream about being pregnant

Contrary to what it may seem, dreaming that you are pregnant does not mean that you are going to expect a baby soon. This dream means that you are maturing, that you must close a stage and consider new goals or objectives.

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