‘Quickie’ or how to practice sex in 15 seconds

This fashion that has revolutionized sex is already the favorite option for those under 35

With the pace of life so fast that we carry is no surprise that the way to consummate love has also been transformed. The ‘quickie’, which in English means ‘quickie’ is the new craze that has revolutionized sex among young Europeans and has become the favorite choice of women under 35 years.

And is that the youngest has been learning the skills to achieve orgasm in just 15 seconds since they opened the doors to your garden of delights.

To take a ‘quickie’ is a good option for the intrepid ones who like sex with the option to caught infraganti, that is to say, those that change the sheets by a beach in broad daylight, a park or the stairs of a portal.

A study on excitement and sexual tendencies involving more than 500 people indicates that in only 15 seconds you can fully enjoy sex. But be aware that not everyone has the skills to do a satisfactory ‘quickie’ and that over, invite to repeat.

As the saying goes, “for color tastes” and is that in order to put into practice sexual skills, the preferences are innumerable. However, the goal is the same for everyone: release endorphins, combat the monotony in couples and have fun.

The hit trick of the ‘quickie’?

For this practice to satisfy both, it is important that two requirements are met. The first is that there is a high excitement for both of them at the same time. For that reason, the key to the success of the ‘quickie’ is that it is something spontaneous, morbid and never planned, the typical ‘here I get you, here I kill you’.

In addition, it is important that there is a prior stimulation to make it easier for the two to reach orgasm in those only 15 seconds.

Although for the most classic in carnal subject, sex is like a recipe (you can not skip the elaboration guidelines and has its cooking time), the success of the ‘quickie’ resides in that despite lasting less than 20 seconds, It can always be repeated

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