Fear of losing control: What is behind this fear and solutions

Fear of losing control: What is behind this fear and solutions

Discover what is behind the fear of losing control and what to do to avoid blocking our mind.

The fear of losing control is an emotional disturbance characteristic of people who are anxious or have obsessive features. Fear of not having control over thoughts, impulses or attitudes and that can reveal a problem of self-confidence and self-confidence.

The fear of losing control can appear in a specific, unexpected situation, but it can also become a phobia if we do not learn to manage emotions. Stress, intimidating situations or fear of having a panic attack can act as triggers. How to overcome the fear of losing control?

The fear of losing control by anxiety

fear losing anxiety control

The fear of losing control is an irrational fear that arises when you suffer from anxiety, negative thinking that causes fear and can become recurrent. This feeling of fear generates tension, which in turn increases anxiety.

The excessive fear or phobia, combined with high anxiety, can seriously interfere with daily life, to stay on alert to avoid situations that arouse obsessive thoughts and fear of losing control and hurting.

How to eliminate the fear of losing control?

eliminate fear of losing control

The fear of losing control is an emotional response or impulse to always put us in the worst in situations close or imagined. A response motivated by the misinterpretation of the signals. Even if the person is aware that fear is irrational, just letting himself be trapped by thought or imagining how to deal with the situation can provoke an attack of anxiety or panic.

Identify anxiety

To eliminate the fear of losing control, the first step is to recognize the physical symptoms of anxiety (accelerated heart rate, agitated breathing, increased body temperature, contraction of muscles …) and identify situations or thoughts that generate fear of to lose control.

Deep breathing exercise

Breathe deep to escape mentally and help control anxiety in any situation. Close your eyes and inhale for 4 seconds; keep the air in your lungs for a few seconds and expel it slowly. Repeat the exercise until you feel how the body relaxes.

Small tricks to keep control of what we say and do. It is preferable to resort to a quick escape mechanism than to let yourself be carried away by tension and anxiety, such as taking a deep breath or going out for a minute to take in the air to avoid impulsive reactions.

Keep the mind busy

Keeping the mind busy is the best way to avoid obsessive ideas and recurring fears. From going out for a walk to listening to your favorite song. And to relax the mind and body, the mindfulness techniques.

Stress constipation: Why it appears and how to cure it

Stress constipation: Why it appears and how to cure it

Constipation due to stress is a double disorder, emotional and physical, and against which we must act following some keys.

The constipation stress is a condition that notes the close relationship between emotions and gut, considered by science as the second brain. Nervous tension, anxiety, worries or mood swings directly affect the digestive system, increasing the chances of constipation caused by stress.

It is not advisable to underestimate occasional constipation, especially when it is associated with unhealthy habits since we run the risk of it becoming chronic. What to do to avoid annoying constipation caused by stress? Prevent and treat is in your hands.

Constipation caused by stress

Can you constipate due to stress? Negative emotions are able to activate stress hormones and slow down the digestive process and bowel movements, which impairs bowel function and causes constipation. The disorder that when it gets worse can also cause diarrhea due to stress.

Stress often reveals unhealthy habits, from taking an unbalanced diet ( fast foods, fatty foods …) are a factor to a sedentary life, which aggravates constipation.

How to fight constipation due to stress?

constipation due to stress

Control stress and review certain daily habits are key to relieve constipation.

High fiber diet to avoid constipation

Incorporate more foods rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables, whole and sprouted grains and flax seeds into your diet. In the same way, we must take care of the hydration, increasing the water intake (between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day). Avoid foods rich in sugar, alcoholic beverages, and processed foods.

Magnesium for constipation

Magnesium is an essential mineral for health since, among other functions, it influences the nervous system and mitigates the states of tension and anxiety. By reducing stress, it naturally improves bowel movement.

The most recommended magnesium supplements, for their laxative effect, are magnesium chloride, magnesium carbonate, and magnesium citrate.

Exercise against constipation

Image result for Exercise against constipation

The exercise is good for stress and constipation. A simple morning routine to start the day without anxiety, practice yoga exercises, take a walk or start running. Choose the sport that best suits you.

Relaxation to avoid stress

Reserve at least 10 minutes a day to do something relaxing, from a relaxing infusion to some of the mindfulness or meditation techniques to relax. To create a relaxing atmosphere, accompany the moment with a lavender candle.

Massage for constipation

The Jin Shin Jyutsu technique is a thousand-year-old way of relieving stress. It also helps a gentle massage on the abdomen, to stimulate bowel movement and muscles. A home remedy is a clay for constipation, which is attributed the effect of helping to deflate the intestine and promote the elimination of toxins. We apply the clay (red) on the belly, cover it with a cloth and let it work throughout the night. Remove with warm water.

10 things you need to know about breast cancer

10 things you need to know about breast cancer

At the sound of the word most people get goose bumps because it usually means long term illness or even death. What should be known about breast cancer, which is the most “popular” cancer?

1. Breast more important than brain?

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women, and for that reason most funds are spent on research on this disease. A scientist who is struggling with breast cancer can count on up to three times more funding than his fellow brain cancer survivor.


2. Fight cancer at … ice rink

A Canadian researcher, who discovered a method of fighting cancer cells at the age of 25, contributed to the fight against cancer. However, this is not the strangest thing in this case, because Luke Piggott, who is referred to at the same time … hockey player. As he claims, he succeeds in connecting two very distant classes: “I have a training session with the team in the morning, and then I’m going to the lab.”


3. Stomach to detect cancer

Researchers have succeeded in constructing a special bra that has built-in heat sensors that are used to detect the first signs of breast cancer. Interestingly, the detection of cancer is very good … dogs that need several weeks of training to help millions of women around the world.


4. Have you found a cancer vaccine?

A Cleveland immunologist claims to have invented a breast cancer vaccine, which he tested only in mice. It is not known whether this vaccine will be used at all, but it is known that its legalization will last for at least 10 years. It is unclear whether anyone will want to finance such a vaccine. Surprised? Well, “if you do not know what’s going on, it’s about money,” says an old proverb, which unfortunately is true in this case.Treatment of cancer and the sale of drugs and chemo used to fight cancer is a perfect and very profitable business.


5. Broccoli to fight

Researchers studying breast cancer have analyzed thousands of women suffering from cancer and have come up with quite interesting conclusions. It turns out that women eating a portion of broccoli a day are 40 percent. lower risk of contracting the disease. In addition, we have a very important message for you: squeeze your partner’s breasts, as this can reduce the proliferation of cancer cells.


6. Not just women!

Although breast cancer, and actually this breast is associated – not without reason – with a woman’s disease, but a man can also fall for breast cancer. In the United States, about 450 people die each year. Breast cancer in men is often too late to be recognized, because men rarely go for prophylactic breast examination.


7. Cancer does not choose

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor, and it means that it is very aggressive, as evidenced by the story of a two-year-old from Canada. Despite the young age, the girl was diagnosed with a very rare form of the disease, but fortunately she had gone out of it.

This company gives you extra days off for those employees who do not smoke!

This company gives you extra days off for those employees who do not smoke!

The Japanese marketing firm Piala has decided to fight tobacco addiction in an interesting way. Management has determined that any non-smoker employee will receive extra days off.

Smoking cigarettes is a very harmful health addiction that has led to the deaths of millions of people around the world. Those who live do not seem to be aware of the dangerous effects of their fatal addiction. In addition to the health effects, smoking has quite a number of economic consequences and is not just about the amount of cigarettes that are being spent on the next pack of cigarettes.

Image result for This company gives you extra days off for those employees who do not smoke!

Many companies do not realize that employees who smoke cigarettes on the proverbial “balloon” waste the time that is spent on their duties. On average, the average smoker spends 15 minutes on a cigarette.

For this reason, the authorities of the Japanese marketing firm Piali decided not to reproach employees – smokers, how to compensate their time spent with non-smoking employees.Therefore, the latter receive an additional 6 vacation days.

Such a suggestion came from the non-smoking workers who pointed out that smokers had to go to the basement of the building where the cigarette was located. In going to the basement there is basically nothing big and extraordinary, but the offices are located on … the 29th floor of the building. Taking a lift from such a height involves a considerable amount of time and while the smoker is standing in the elevator, the non-smoker must normally work at that time.

Image result for This company gives you extra days off for those employees who do not smoke!

The results of this decision came immediately because of the 120 people working in Pialo, 30 people took advantage of extra days off, and 4 people even decided to quit smoking!

“One of our non-smokers put a message in the mailbox suggesting that all of the cigarette breaks were a big problem,” said Hirotaka spokesman Matsushima.

Abdominal obesity generates more risk of ischemic stroke in women, study says

Abdominal obesity generates more risk of ischemic stroke in women, study says

Barcelona (Spain), May 11 (EFE). – Abdominal obesity increases the risk of an ischemic stroke, especially in women, while a higher body mass index (BMI) acts as a protective factor in men, according to a study led by the Hospital do Mar , in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

According to the research, which involved 388 patients with ischemia and 732 healthy volunteers, abdominal obesity would be a better measure to predict the risk of ischemia than BMI, especially in women. The results were published in the journal “European Journal of Neurology”.

The work was led by neurologists Mar Ana Rodríguez and Jaume Roquer, who concluded that measures of abdominal fat serve to predict the risk of suffering a stroke. Ischemic stroke occurs when a part of the brain suddenly stops receiving blood by closing one of its arteries. According to the researchers, among the risk factors are environmental, genetic and systemic interactions, such as obesity.

Roquer explained that women generally have a higher percentage of body fat, but abdominal bloating is more common in men and proposes to measure abdominal obesity rather than assessing overall body fat through BMI to predict the risk of ischemia.

“The reason is that the waist circumference better reflects the degree of adiposity than the BMI, especially in females. Statistical data show that a higher BMI prevents the risk of stroke in males, which agrees with the so-called ‘obesity paradox ‘, which relates obesity with lower mortality and recurrence of ischemia, “explained Ana Rodríguez.

The neurologist added that abdominal obesity, considered independent of BMI, is a risk factor for both sexes, although much more pronounced in women.

“The BMI is not a reliable indicator for the prognosis of the risk of ischemia, since it informs the weight, but the weight may be due to the fat – that is the one that increases the risk of having ischemia – and the lean body mass. and with too much muscle mass they can have a very high BMI and not have fat, “she said.

In this investigation, physicians calculated BMI and abdominal obesity – the latter, measuring waist circumference and waist / height ratio – of the 1,120 participants. Both the patients and the control group showed similar BMIs, although waist circumference and waist / height ratio were higher in patients with ischemia.

Until now, previous studies had clearly associated obesity with cardiovascular disease, but not with the risk of ischemic stroke.

Researchers discover technique to diagnose cancer with blood drop

Researchers discover technique to diagnose cancer with blood drop

A group of researchers at VU University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has developed a technique that allows testing to detect cancer through a single drop of blood, the university hospital said on Thursday.

Image result for Researchers discover technique to diagnose cancer with blood drop

The method, used to analyze six types of cancer, “proved to be very effective in cases of early diagnosis,” according to the statement. In particular, it was possible to identify the disease in 96% of the cases, according to the researchers.

Although the tests are still in the experimental phase, research director Tom Würdinger said he hopes the new process may be available to patients within five years.

Image result for Researchers discover technique to diagnose cancer with blood drop

“It’s important to detect and treat cancer as quickly as possible. This new technique can play a big part in this and we hope to save lives,” added the VUmc.

The new method was published today in the academic journal “Cancer Cell”.

Sleeping naked will not only bring you closer to your partner, but will also provide you with better health

Sleeping naked will not only bring you closer to your partner, but will also provide you with better health

And if you sleep so naked? And not only after a hot night with a partner or to encourage him. We can enjoy the benefits of our mental and physical condition while sleeping, so we can even get closer to our partner.

Sleeping is one of the most important activities in our lives. We sleep every day to regenerate our body and have the strength to work. We also sleep for pleasure, there is nothing nicer than the moment when we apply the head to the pillow after a hard day’s work. Sleep deprivation and poor quality can seriously affect our health and fitness. The quality of sleep is influenced by many factors, but do you realize that one of them is sleep naked?

Naked not only in summer

It turns out that sleeping naked brings many benefits: it improves the condition of the skin, affects the body well, improves our well-being and approaches the partner. And it’s not about the seasonal undressing in the heat of the day. Experts encourage to sleep naked throughout the year regardless of the season. This will improve your physical and mental health.

1. When we sleep naked, our skin is better rested and breathing. Such a sleep allows to breathe especially in intimate areas, which are still hidden under several layers of clothes. Night may be the only moment when we give the rest of the body an unrestricted and restless rest. Sleeping naked will also limit sweating in people who have trouble sleeping during sleep.

2. Although we live in such liberated times, where the next taboo is abolished, also in the realm of sexuality, still many of us do not accept their physicality. From a psychological standpoint, sleeping naked will allow you to get used to your body, and this will raise your self-esteem and will favorably increase your self-confidence.

3. Deprived of pajamas and underwear, the body definitely breathes better, and this makes the body regenerate better, and we wake up refreshed. We do not bother with body material, erasers, weaves, lace, which can rub, bite and squeeze. When there is no embarrassing body, the body also regulates its temperature better, so it is worth giving it some freedom during the night’s rest.

4. Although we can not feel it, sleeping in clothes makes us overheat and prevent us from using substances such as melatonin and growth hormone that keep the body in good condition and delay its aging process.

Ideas for incorporating romantic phrases into your wedding decoration

Ideas for incorporating romantic phrases into your wedding decoration


If something that can not miss in your wedding is the romanticism in every corner. Choose an elegant and sophisticated venue as the many spaces that Paradores offers and decorate it in the best way. In this post, we give you ideas of the most fun to surprise your guests with phrases full of love , aim!

1. Invitations

Your wedding invitation will be the cover letter and, although your guests can already imagine for the place chosen, which will be a celebration of the most emotional, it is not enough to choose a phrase for the invitation, your phrase , that which Them. It will look great and it will be a memory that family and friends always keep!


In addition, you can create a beautiful invitation with a photograph of the celebration space. For example, an ideal place is the  Parador de El Saler , located in Valencia. You can enjoy the best golf course, if you love this sport, and a design decoration, with spacious and comfortable facilities, some with sea views. Can you imagine the invitation of your wedding?


2. Memorabilia or thank you cards

Surely you are already thinking about those little gifts that you have to prepare for your guests. Well, nothing better than a detail with a phrase. You can customize them according to the couple or choose one for all as a thank you.


The perfect place to place these types of gifts is the banquet. A place like the Parador de Chinchón offers you an exquisite wedding menu elaborated with quality products and a decoration of tables to the height, that will be ideal with the little sign of thanks in a decorative way that your guests can take away.


3. Minute

Speaking of the banquet, we can not forget the  Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo , one of the Paradores of Tourism where to celebrate your wedding will be a dream and the menu of the banquet a gastronomic experience. Take advantage of this place, where the guests will be delighted, and put in the minutes a romantic phrase.


4. Posters 

One of the most included trends in weddings are posters, mainly indicative, to name the area of ​​the ceremony, banquet or cocktail. But, why not include as part of the decoration posters with emotive phraseswhere, in addition, the guests can take photos?


The Parador de Cardona ,  a beautiful medieval castle, has the most special places so you can create super romantic corners where you can even take photos of your wedding report.


5. XXL Lyrics

The initials of the couple or the word “LOVE” are the most used in giant letters. It is a TOP element in the decoration of weddings with glamor, reason why, in yours, they can not miss! If you celebrate an outdoor wedding, a place like the Parador de Guadalupe offers you the best corners to enjoy a banquet with the best views to the sentences with more feeling.


6. Seating plan

Another original way to include the most romantic phrases in your wedding is through the seating plan . Place it, for example, as a clothesline. In addition to entering the name of the guests and the table number, do not forget to dedicate a few written words. Discover how to incorporate the seating plan in your wedding and surprise all your guests .


7. Details

A good idea may be to incorporate into the decorative details the most romantic phrases. Use wood objects, vintage elements , mirrors, flowers and prepare a corner with pleasure. The  Parador de Vic-Sau  is located in one of the most beautiful spots in the region of Osona, and offers you a charming space with a magnificent swimming pool, ideal for corners full of magic details and phrases of love.


Now that you know how to include the most romantic phrases in your wedding, get all the guests impressed. Create magical corners!

‘Quickie’ or how to practice sex in 15 seconds

‘Quickie’ or how to practice sex in 15 seconds

This fashion that has revolutionized sex is already the favorite option for those under 35

With the pace of life so fast that we carry is no surprise that the way to consummate love has also been transformed. The ‘quickie’, which in English means ‘quickie’ is the new craze that has revolutionized sex among young Europeans and has become the favorite choice of women under 35 years.

And is that the youngest has been learning the skills to achieve orgasm in just 15 seconds since they opened the doors to your garden of delights.

To take a ‘quickie’ is a good option for the intrepid ones who like sex with the option to caught infraganti, that is to say, those that change the sheets by a beach in broad daylight, a park or the stairs of a portal.

A study on excitement and sexual tendencies involving more than 500 people indicates that in only 15 seconds you can fully enjoy sex. But be aware that not everyone has the skills to do a satisfactory ‘quickie’ and that over, invite to repeat.

As the saying goes, “for color tastes” and is that in order to put into practice sexual skills, the preferences are innumerable. However, the goal is the same for everyone: release endorphins, combat the monotony in couples and have fun.

The hit trick of the ‘quickie’?

For this practice to satisfy both, it is important that two requirements are met. The first is that there is a high excitement for both of them at the same time. For that reason, the key to the success of the ‘quickie’ is that it is something spontaneous, morbid and never planned, the typical ‘here I get you, here I kill you’.

In addition, it is important that there is a prior stimulation to make it easier for the two to reach orgasm in those only 15 seconds.

Although for the most classic in carnal subject, sex is like a recipe (you can not skip the elaboration guidelines and has its cooking time), the success of the ‘quickie’ resides in that despite lasting less than 20 seconds, It can always be repeated

Allergies trigger to some pollens and nuts

Allergies trigger to some pollens and nuts

The allergy to some pollens, such as grasses, olive, and arizonica, has exploded in the last five years and have also become more aggressive, but so has dry nuts, which is sometimes manifested by anaphylaxis, An immune reaction that can lead to death.

This is one of the conclusions of the report ‘Allergology’ 2015, prepared by the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (Seaic), which has been presented today and also reveals that allergy sufferers are getting younger.

The study has been developed in the consultations of more than 300 specialists and has included almost 3,000 patients children and adults from all over Spain, who were interviewed in 2014. This is the third report made by this society, which had already elaborated Two in 2005 and 1992.

In the second report, the average age of the patients was 16 years and in the latter of 2015 has dropped to 12, and the reason is that pollen is more aggressive and the culprit is pollution, such As doctors Joaquín Sastre, president of the Seaic, and Tomas Chivato explained.

The particles of the contamination “stick” to the pollen and these become more virulent, affect and irritate the mucous more and rhinitis develop.

This “aggressiveness” caused by pollution also makes even some foreigners who were not allergic in their country of origin when they arrive here. The 6% of patients in the study are foreigners.

“There is something in the explosive environment that causes gene expression to change, it attacks the expression of the proteins that are growing,” said Sastre, who has warned that if this trend continues in 2050, 50% of the population will have some disease Allergic reaction. Currently, the percentage is 25%.

In addition, these “more aggressive” pollen sometimes share proteins with some fruits such as rosacea, including peach, which establishes combined allergies and patients with cross-disease, as explained by experts.

It is what is called “allergic march”, a term that determines the allergists for the evolution that usually suffer the people who suffer several allergic diseases.

The worrying thing, according to specialists, is that only a third of allergy is controlled, hence allergists are looking for different formulas to increase adherence to treatments.

Six out of ten patients who first go to the allergist’s office do so for symptoms related to rhinoconjunctivitis.

The second reason for consultation is asthma (23.4%), the third is hypersensitivity to medications (17.7%) and the fourth is a food allergy (10%).

Concerning the 2005 report, consultations for rhinitis as a single pathology (42% vs. 34.3%) have increased, and consultations for asthma have also been reduced as a single disease (7.2% vs. 3.4%),.

In 68% of patients with rhinoconjunctivitis, other allergic diseases coexist, and among them, asthma prevails, but the percentage of patients who consult both conditions has remained stable at 20%.

They have increased food allergies and have increased especially to nuts both children and adults, and largely as Sastre, because now consume more, as there is also more awareness of dogs, while Maintains that of the cats.

The patients in the study are mostly women (58% vs. 42% of men) because, although the causes are unknown, they are at the head of all allergic diseases above men, except for allergy to Hymenoptera.

Regarding the place of residence, 61% come from urban environments, precisely because in the big cities suffer more allergies than in rural areas due to the effect of environmental pollution.

Allergists believe that more specialists are needed to attend to the new consultations that are carried out every year: 1.100.000 in Spain, except in the Balearics, where there are still no allergists in public health.